5 Great Business Travel Destinations this Summer

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Travelling abroad for business this summer?  Business travel can be daunting when you face airports full of people heading off on summer vacation. However, there are some perks, especially if you have a chance to experience what the city has to offer outside of your working hours.There are some fantastic tips on surviving business travel in the summer. Below we have highlighted some of the best summer business travel destinations across the globe: 1. New York City, New York, United Sta... [More]

Revolutions in Print Technology

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Since the dawn of time, humans have searched for ways to preserve knowledge. From ancient drawings on cave walls describing mythic hunts, to the birth of writing three centuries after the West’s first epic was written – we’ve tried our damndest to hold onto our ideas. Without the invention of print technology, untold thoughts, religions and stories would be lost.  In celebration of this remarkable achievement, we’re tracing the history of the printed word – fr... [More]

Short Story Competition Winners Printed Book

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Late last year we ran a competition on our blog for you to send in your short stories based on the theme 'autumn'. The prize was for the short story to be published and the winner would receive 10 copies of it. We chose the winner as Moya Rooke and she has now had her book printed by our sister company Print Express You can see the finished copy of her book below. Congrats Moya!  

A Brief History of Ink

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  Next time you take a chewed biro out of your top pocket spare a moment to consider the epic journey that little measure of ink has been on. Lots of ancient cultures claim ownership of the invention of ink, and each has played a crucial role in its development as they worked to discover and formulate inks for writing and drawing. It’s interesting to note that despite the crucial role that ink has played in the sharing of knowledge throughout the ages, little on the subject of ink it... [More]

Safety Tips for Christmas!

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It may be the season of goodwill, but there are things – and individuals - out there that can spoil your celebrations. Here’s a quick checklist of our top safety tips for looking after yourself, your valuables and your home over the festive period. Your home, gifts and valuables Don’t make it easy for criminals to get their hands on your gifts: - Check your outside lighting and burglar alarm is in good working order - Keep your chimney unblocked for Santa and your windows a... [More]

Top Five Sites for Free Images

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Free doesn’t have to mean poor quality when it comes to finding appropriate images for your design work. Yes, you can subscribe to a paid-for site, where you’ll find thousands of options to choose from, but if you’re just starting out or want to keep your costs down you do have an alternative. In the past, free image sites offered nothing more than a jumble of low-quality, bland and amateurish shots. But thanks to the rise in blogging and self-publishing the pickings have most ... [More]

Printerinks Short Story Competition Winner!

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The Printerinks short story competition is now closed and we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who entered. The standard of entries was extremely high and it was a really tough decision. We are excited to announce the winner of this year's short story competition: Moya Rooke with Winter Comes When Autumn Leaves! - will get their story published in hard copy, and receive 10 copies to share with family and friends Runner up: Michelle Peel with I Remember - wins £50 w... [More]

Shop ‘til you drop; Black Friday and Mega Monday

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Forget freezing to death outside Harrods on Boxing Day. The smart way to shop and save big money is to hit the stores on Black Friday and Mega Monday. They both sound space age. Neither sound particularly pleasant. But believe us when we say that these oddly-named days are the best ways to bag a bargain in the run up to Christmas – and avoid the December high street frenzy. Black Friday Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and marks the start of the Christmas... [More]

Are Free Gifts Always The Way to Your Customer’s Heart?

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Customers love getting things for free. So if you’re trying to promote your business, all you need to do is come up with a giveaway, right? Afraid it’s not that simple. Yes, customers do love the odd freebie, but it depends entirely on what freebie we’re talking about here. If you think that your branded mousemat, keyring or ballpoint pen is enough to get hearts fluttering and tongues wagging you are heading for a big disappointment. These items are all admittedly useful and a... [More]

How to Make Invisible Ink

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See this pen? It’s actually a retractable umbrella. Oh, and this insignificant business card holder? It folds out to make an inflatable rubber dinghy. Just let me find my foot pump. Ok, we may have a long way to go before we can compete with 007 himself; but we do have one handy gadget up our sleeves. If you’d like to write down a password, login details or send someone a secret message, using standard pen and paper presents something of a security risk. What you need is invisible in... [More]

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