Time Saving iPad Apps for Business Owners

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In the digital age time is more precious than ever especially if you are a business owner. With meetings and tasks to fit into each day you will need to make the most of the time you do have. Well, technology should be able to help with that, and your iPad has a great deal of untapped potential in helping you to save time on various tasks. We take a look at 5 time-saving apps that can help you to enhance your productivity and efficiency while on the go... LogMeIn Enhance the power of your... [More]

Is technology ruining our work/life balance?

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We’ve got so much to thank technology for. Remember the days before smartphones, when making a call outside your home meant finding a phone box? Or when looking up a fact meant taking a trip to your local library? Now we have the world at our fingertips; we can can communicate across the globe at any time and have access to every piece of information under the sun in an instant. But all that efficiency and ease comes at a cost. And we’re paying for it with our downtime. According to... [More]

Five free ways to celebrate Mother's Day

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We’re sure you don’t need us to remind you that it’s Mother’s Day on March 15th. But just in case it slipped your mind, we’ve got a few suggestions to turn things around. What’s more, these ideas don’t cost a penny. And they’re a good deal more personal than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. So if you’d like to say thank you to your first lady for all the lifts, loans and love she’s lavished on you over the years, here’s... [More]

Five reasons to let your employees work from home

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Back in 2013, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sparked an international debate. The reason? She announced that Yahoo’s 11,000 employees wouldn’t be allowed to work remotely anymore.   Mayer reasoned that when employees are off-site, it has a negative impact on collaboration. But was she right?    While there is research (including studies from Harvard University) to suggest that face-to-face working does help drive innovation, there’s also plenty of support for teleco... [More]

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Recipe

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Apricot pancakes by Printerinks Pancake Tuesday is here. And it’s your last chance to tuck into something decedent before you attempt (and fail) to give up goodies for Lent. But what if we told you that eating pancakes didn’t have to mean piling on a few pounds. Healthy pancakes? Have you flipped out? Not at all. Here’s a quick and easy recipe that keeps Shrove Tuesday treats tasting sweet, without loading them with sugar. It packs a nutritional punch with oatmeal, apric... [More]

How 3D-printing is going to make our lives better

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How does printing your own home sound, for starters? Or your own solar-powered car to park in the driveway? Admittedly, you might have to wait a few years. But innovations like these aren’t too far off in the future.  3D printers create their output by depositing layers of materials, layer by layer, to build up a solid object. What kind of materials? Well, pretty much any you can think of. At the moment, most 3D-printed objects are formed from plastic. But metal, sand, sugar, ceramic... [More]

3 of the Greatest Small Start-ups we can all learn from

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  Snap Chat What’s it all about:  Developed by two young web entrepreneurs, Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy when they were both students at Stanford University, Snapchat has revolutionised the way we message and send photos.  Snapchat is a photo messaging application whereby users can take and send photos and videos as well as add text and designs/drawings.  Senders can determine how long their messages are viewed (the current range is 1 to 10 seconds) at which point ... [More]

5 Great Business Travel Destinations this Summer

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Travelling abroad for business this summer?  Business travel can be daunting when you face airports full of people heading off on summer vacation. However, there are some perks, especially if you have a chance to experience what the city has to offer outside of your working hours.There are some fantastic tips on surviving business travel in the summer. Below we have highlighted some of the best summer business travel destinations across the globe: 1. New York City, New York, United Sta... [More]

Revolutions in Print Technology

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Since the dawn of time, humans have searched for ways to preserve knowledge. From ancient drawings on cave walls describing mythic hunts, to the birth of writing three centuries after the West’s first epic was written – we’ve tried our damndest to hold onto our ideas. Without the invention of print technology, untold thoughts, religions and stories would be lost.  In celebration of this remarkable achievement, we’re tracing the history of the printed word – fr... [More]

Short Story Competition Winners Printed Book

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Late last year we ran a competition on our blog for you to send in your short stories based on the theme 'autumn'. The prize was for the short story to be published and the winner would receive 10 copies of it. We chose the winner as Moya Rooke and she has now had her book printed by our sister company Print Express You can see the finished copy of her book below. Congrats Moya!