OCE Printer Cartridges

Printerinks supply two series of best selling OCE Inks – the OCE CS Series and the OCE 5150 series.

OCE Inks is a subsidiary of the Canon Group.  It is a specialist in the field of white ink technology. The inks are extremely effective when used for over printing backlit applications on transparent media, or printing on non-white materials.  This enables high quality prints to be made on almost any type of media or object, as well as developing high quality graphics which can be backlit.  

The quality of the inks is extremely high and will not clog your printer.  The colours are vivid and bright.  These inks are ideal for printing quality graphic images. 

Printerinks offer value for money by providing printer ink cartridges that are superb quality, will do any job that they are required to do, and provide a perfect image every time. Choose Printerinks for cartridges that will meet every need. 

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