Why Choose Printerinks Compatible Cartridges?

80% of our customers prefer Printerinks compatible cartridges over OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) branded cartridges. Here are the reasons why
compatible cartridges
compatible cartridges

Our compatible cartridges cost up to 86% less

OEM (Brand) ink and toner cartridges are expensive, after just a few replacements, they end up costing more than the price of the printer, making replacing ink or toner cartridges an unpleasant experience. This is known as a razor-blade business model, where companies sell a razor handles at a lower price, and make profit through the sale of blades at a premium. This model is often used by printer manufacturers for their lower end printers, where they sell the printers at a loss but make up for it through expensive cartridge prices.

This is where our compatible cartridges come in. These are built by a third-party manufacturer to provide you with cartridges that cost a lot cheaper than OEM branded ink and toner. Over the years, more and more consumers have switched to our compatible ink and toner options as a competitive and reliable solution to cut down on printer expenses.

Remember, NOT all third-party cartridges are the same.

Our compatible cartridges have high quality output

Printerinks compatible cartridges are 100% ISO 9001 Certified. What does that mean? It means QUALITY. The ISO 9001 is a stringent set of standards designed to ensure customers that a product will always meet their expectations.

We are the experts of compatible printer products and sell only products guaranteed to work well, while there are many online retailers that simply buy in bulk and re-sell often outdated stocks from different manufacturers. Buying from less reliable retailers can end in inconsistent quality and performance or even compatibility problems as printer firmwares are being constantly updated.

Our compatible cartridges will not harm your printer

If you are worried that our compatible cartridges might damage your printer, don’t. To reassure you, we guarantee that we will repair or replace your printer for free in the unlikely event that it gets damaged by our compatible cartridges. The only way our compatible cartridges can damage your printer is if they are used incorrectly or are faulty – and the same applies to OEM cartridges.

Our compatible cartridges will not void your printer warranty
If you have a new printer and worried that our compatible cartridge might void the manufacturer’s warranty, don’t. Consumer law prevents such restrictions, and the printer manufacturer cannot force you to use their cartridges. However, if something does go wrong and our compatible cartridges are to blame, we will repair or replace your printer if needed.

Our compatible cartridges are more environmentally friendly

Compatible cartridges are generally safer for the enivronment. Some of our compatbile products are remanufactured, refurbished and refilled which adds even more benefits for the planet and also helps saving more on manufacturing costs.
In summary, there is zero risk in using our compatible cartridges for your home, business or school.

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