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Welcome to Printerinks.com's Hewlett Packard Toner page. For HP toner cartridges that deliver more printouts than anywhere else, at incredible discount prices, make this your home! Hewlett Packard introduced their first laser printers onto the market in 1984, and have since become the world's biggest printer maker! For reliable toner cartridges for your workplace, trust HP.

As you would expect from a name as renowned as HP, they offer the best quality toners around to work in unison with their quality machines. Here at Printerinks we supply genuine HP toners at great discount prices.  We offer toners for the most popular HP printers including their Laserjet and Pro series'. 

Buy your HP toner cartridges from Printerinks and you are guaranteed the best quality of printing every time you use your machine. 
Bulk prices are available for all of our HP ink cartridges, meaning the more you buy, the more you save. With our free delivery and same-day shipping on orders placed before 5pm (Mon-Fri) you will receive your HP ink and toner cartridges quickly too.

Our compatible HP cartridges are always rigorously tested and will work with any HP printer you own. The gold standard in ISO 9001 validates this - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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Frequently asked questions
Hewlett Packard, or the more commonly known brand name HP, are one of the most successful imaging brands in the world. HP started up in 1939 by classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard and now specialise in many products from printers and storage devices to computer software and servers. 

HP continues to lead the industry, investing in research and producing many of the highest quality printers available on the market at reasonable and affordable prices.
Here at Printerinks we offer a wide range of compatible HP Toner cartridges. These compatible toners offer the same quality as genuine cartridges and are designed to work with HP’s machines in complete unison.

We stock toners for the HP Laserjet and Pro Series’ as well as many other popular HP printers. Buying compatible toners from Printerinks guarantees you the best quality printing.
  • For both inkjet and toner cartridges, we stock original and remanufactured cartridges for the majority of the HP range.
  • All our HP printer inks are available at amazing discounted prices.
  • FREE DELIVERY with all mainland United Kingdom orders.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every order.
  • Printerinks.com provides a full retail service enabling better discount prices
  • Our amazing customer service can help you find the right cartridge for your printer. Call us on 0800 043 1001 to speak to one of our experts.
  • Our huge range of HP ink cartridges are precisely designed and developed for HP Printers.
HP XL Cartridges are available for many models, these provide more ink for your money which in turn reduces your printings costs. On average this works out to be 1p per page. We are adamant to offer the lowest prices available and you are able to save even more with our multi-buy offers. So, are HP XL cartridges worth it? We think so.
  • Designed with the planet in mind, all HP ink cartridges are produced so they are easy to recycle.
  • HP Ink cartridges are designed to perform consistently. They will always deliver exceptional results with every print.
  • HP Ink and Toner cartridges consistently deliver the sharpest printouts and from printerinks.com you will get the lowest prices for them too.
Replacing HP ink cartridges on your printer is really simple:
  1. Turn your HP on. This will let the ink cartridges slide into view.
  2. Open the ink tray (usually in the centre of your printer). In some HP printers, you may need to open the top lid in order to access the cartridges.
  3. Remove the existing ink cartridge. In most printers, this can be done by pushing down on the cartridge until you hear a click. Then the cartridge can be removed.
  4. Take the new cartridge and remove the packaging. Blue topped cartridges are colour ink. Black topped are black ink.
  5. Remove the plastic seal from the cartridge. Do not touch the copper-coloured area (this can cause the ink to clog).
  6. Place the new cartridge in the relevant slot. Usually coloured ink is located on the left, black on the right hand side.
  7. Close the printer tray, this should click into place. The HP ink cartridges will then slide back to their normal position.
  8. Finished. If you need additional support we would recommend referring to your printer manual.
You need to know the model of your HP printer to find out what cartridges you will require. You can use our list above to find the best HP ink cartridges for your printer.

Alternatively you can check which ink are currently in your printer. All cartridges will be labelled to differentiate which HP printers they will work with.
Yes, remanufactured HP ink cartridges will work with HP printers. Ensure that you buy them from a trusted supplier. The remanufactured cartridges we stock have been meticulously tested on a large range of HP printers. Remanufactured inks still produce high-quality printing but at a fraction of the cost when compared to original cartridges.
To check your printer ink & toner levels you will need to:
  • Download a free software called HP Print and Scan Doctor on any Windows PC.
  • Alternatively, for Windows 10, Android and iOS you should download the HP Smart app..
  • Open the program once the relevant software/app is installed or downloaded.
  • Click Printer/Supply levels. This will tell you how much ink and toner is left in the printer.
  • On the HP Smart app, the Ink Levels are displayed on the homescreen.
For most HP ink cartridges a standard colour cartridge contains 3.5ml of ink. The HP XL colour cartridge contains 14ml of ink.

Standard black ink cartridges contain 7.5ml of ink and the XL version contains 14ml.

Ink cartridge volume can vary depending on certain cartridges, please bear this in mind.
Recycling your empty HP ink cartridges is important and something we at printerinks are passionate about. Therefore, for every Original/OEM HP cartridge that you send us we will give you £1 back in printerinks reward points.

Reward points can be used with any future purchase made on printerinks.com. You can find more information on recycling ink cartridges on our recycling page.
We are not able to recycle HP laser toner cartridges at printerinks, however there are plenty of other recycling options available:
  • You can send your toner cartridges to HP for recycling.
  • Refill your toner cartridges at local refill shops.
  • Use Cartridge and Toner recycling boxes found in most supermarkets.
Here at printerinks.com we offer the best-value HP ink and toner cartridges online. Always high quality and at unbeatable prices. These are some of the reasons we believe we are the best place to buy your cheap HP ink cartridges from:
  • We offer a price promise on our products which means we are able to guarantee you the best deals on our HP printer Cartridges.
  • All orders qualify for free UK delivery and we can dispatch your order on the same day when placed before 5:30pm.
  • We offer free returns (should you not be happy with your items).
  • We have had over 1 million happy customers and have been a trusted printer ink supplier since 2003.
You can refill a toner cartridge instead of buying a new one. This can save you a significant amount of money as the cost of replacing with fresh toner powder is significantly lower.

To refill your toner cartridges you should:
  • Remove the filler plug.
  • Using a funnel pour the toner powder into the cartridge.
Some cartridges might require you to unscrew a couple of screws in order to remove the filler plug. Some toner cartridges do not have a refiller hole. You might need to create your own refill hole (using a toner refill-kit) or buy a new toner cartridge.
Generally speaking, HP printer inks typically have a shelf life of 18 months. However, not all HP ink cartridges will have an expiration date.

HP ink cartridges have expiration dates to prevent customers from using out-dated products that might clot or clog over time. We would not recommend using expired ink cartridges as these may damage your printer.

For Toner Cartridges they do not have an expiration date. Your cartridge box may come with the date of manufacture on it however this is simply when the cartridge was made. This is not the expiration or use-by date.
Genuine HP toner cartridges have a number of ways to validate their authenticity:
  • All genuine toner cartridges will have a QR code on them which you can scan to find out if it is authentic.
  • All genuine toner cartridges have the same style of hologram and 5-symbol production code on their labels.
  • All genuine toner cartridges should come in air-proof packaging as well as protective tape on it.