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Canon Ink Cartridges

Equip your printer with a Canon ink cartridges from Printerinks.com. Each of the Canon ink cartridges we sell has been rigorously tested, and thus will deliver reliable results that stand up in all lighting conditions. We have a comprehensive range of Canon ink cartridges for series including Smartbase, Pixma and Multipass. All cartridges in stock and ready for free next-day delivery. With our low prices, quality products and speedy next-day delivery, you can trust Printerinks to have all your Canon ink cartridge needs covered.
As one of the most popular printer brands on the market, Canon offers a wide selection of printers that will cater to all users. Whether you are printing documents for work or personal pictures for a photo frame, the results will always produce a high-quality print. 
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Whether you’re printing beautiful memories for a photo album or a presentation for work, you want the results to be flawless and look exactly as they do on your screen. Canon offers a wide selection of printers to cater for all users. It’s safe to say this brand is top of the list for today’s most popular printer brands:

  • Canon has an exceptional reputation in the industry and they introduced the all-in-one ink cartridge system and the Bubble Jet inkjet printer in the 1980s.
  • Canon ink cartridges provide a true colour match and that is retained when exposed to light.

About Canon

Canon is a Japanese company that specialises in imaging and optical products such as cameras, printers, camcorders and photocopiers. The groundbreaking firm is credited with revolutionising printing in the 1980s when they produced the world’s first inkjet printer.  Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength establishing itself as a trusted, quality company and one of the big names in the printing and camera industries.

Although not widely known, Canon also supplies the medical industry with various equipment including ophthalmic and x-ray devices; although these days their main product line is imaging equipment.

Not only does Canon produce high-quality products, they are also as ‘green’ as they come. A recent report put the company at the top of a list of companies considered climate-friendly due to their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy’ which puts huge importance on environmental issues. The strategy also includes ethics, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, education and science and social welfare, meaning you can rest assured your product has come from a company with high values.

In 2007 Canon Europe celebrated its 50th anniversary proving that quality products and company ethics are a great combination and can lead to a long-lasting and successful brand which is still to this day impressing consumers year on year with their new developments.

Fun fact - Did you know that originally Canon did not stock printers? The company's Japanese founders intended to design cameras at first. They in fact failed, and their first Hansa Canon camera was released only after ‘borrowing' the camera lens from another designer! Today though, Canon's highest revenues come from making office equipment – including inkjet and laser printers!

Cheap Canon Printer Inks & Toners

Becoming stressed looking for low price Canon inkjet and toner cartridges? Printerinks.com has the perfect remedy – massive discounts!

For ink and toner cartridges for almost the whole selection of Canon printers, trust Printerinks.com. Why? Because our company has stocked and dispatched quality Canon supplies for almost 3 decades. Hence Printerinks.com can be trusted to deliver your cartridges quickly and reliably. What's more, we've knocked huge amounts off the price of Canon ink cartridges!

Ordering Canon ink cartridges at Printerinks.com is a breeze, with exact models and names, it is easy to navigate and find the right ink for you. Not only is it easy, you will get discounted prices and free delivery! If you have any questions about Canon ink cartridges, contact our team of experts on 0800 043 1001. 

Where to buy cheap Canon ink cartridges?

Choose PrinterInks as your Canon Cartridges Supplier - we offer the cheapest Canon Ink Cartridges in the UK! Here is why you should buy canon printer cartridges from us:

  • Here at PrinterInks our hours are spent creating new ways to save you money. Order Canon inkjet and toner cartridges today and you won't pay for delivery! That's right – 100% FREE DELIVERY for the mainland UK. What better way to keep your cash where it belongs – your wallet.
  • Our website has been built to make finding Canon printer ink and toner effortless. Help remains at hand though, if you can't find your printer's cartridge. Call 0800 043 1001 and talk with our Canon specialists today!
  • At Printerinks.com, we stock the best Canon ink cartridges that have been tested and perfected for their compatible printers at discounted prices!

Canon Ink Cartridges

Equip your printer with Canon ink cartridges from Printerinks.com. Each of the Canon ink cartridges we sell has been rigorously tested and thus will deliver reliable results that stand up in all lighting conditions. We have a comprehensive range of Canon ink cartridges for series including Smartbase, Pixma, i-Sensys and Multipass. All cartridges are in stock and ready for free next-day delivery. With our low prices, quality products and speedy next-day delivery, you can trust Printerinks to have all your Canon ink cartridge needs covered.

Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges

One thing all Canon Printers have in common is, when used with the compatible Canon ink cartridges, everything they produce is of the highest quality.

Equip your Canon printer with a compatible ink cartridge and you’ll be able to achieve the best possible quality. Each of the Canon ink cartridges we sell has been rigorously tested and thus will deliver reliable results that stand up in all lighting conditions.

Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges at the Cheapest price

All ink cartridges come in paper packaging with the Canon Hologram or blister ink plastic packaging in the unique Canon shape to ensure are getting genuine Canon cartridges.

When using genuine Canon inks, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible results, with accurate colours and sharp letters and lines. Not only do these inks deliver an exceptional standard of printing, but they will also maintain this quality and prolong the life of your printer as the inks are formulated to work with the specific printer heads and nozzles.

Canon Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

As well as original Canon toners and ink cartridges, we have our Premium Remanufactured range of cartridges. These are made from recycled cartridge cores, giving you the same high-quality printing but at a fraction of the price. Best of all, these cartridges are made to strict ISO 9001 standard and will not affect your printer’s warranty. For each product, you can see the different cartridge options and the price per page for printing.


The Canon Remanufactured cartridges are usually less than half the cost of original Canon printer cartridges. But wait – there are even more ways that we save you money! If you’re buying multiple cartridges, our ‘Buy More, Save More’ offer means that the price per cartridge will be lower the more you purchase. This means you can plan ahead and make sure you never run out of toner! Many of our cartridges are also available in multipacks, which give you even greater savings. If you’re looking for professional-quality printing with Canon cartridges, Printerinks.com can meet all your needs.

How to change ink cartridge for Canon printer?

Changing ink cartridges on your Canon printer is really easy:

  1. Ensure your Canon printer is plugged in and is turned on. This will allow the ink cartridges to slide into view.
  2. Open the front cover and open the output tray.
  3. Remove the existing ink cartridge. You need to push down on the cartridge until you hear a clicking sound. Then you can pull the ink cartridge out.
  4. Remove your new Canon ink cartridge from its packaging.
  5. Remove the protective seal from the Canon ink cartridges. This covers the area where the ink comes out from.
  6. Insert the new ink cartridge into the slot.
  7. Push it down until it snaps into place.
  8. Close the Canon printer cover.


That’s it, you’re done! If you require further assistance with changing ink cartridges on your Canon printer, please refer to your printer manual.

Are Canon ink cartridges interchangeable?

Our range of compatible Canon ink cartridges is proven to work on all Canon Printers. We have rigorously tested all out compatible printer inks on a range of Canon Printers and the results surpass the quality of most standard ink cartridges.


Best of all compatible Canon ink cartridges are all much more affordable than a standard ink cartridge. Making them the best value for money. Being made from recycled material such as old packaging means that compatible inks good for the environment and a cost-effective choice for customers.


You can trust PrinterInks to be your number one supplier of compatible ink cartridges! With nearly three decades of experience in creating and selling compatible inks, we are way ahead of our competitors! But don’t take our word for it - Just take all look at our positive customer reviews.


How many prints per ink cartridge (canon)?

The number of prints per Canon ink cartridge can vary greatly depending on the cartridge you are buying and type of document you are printing. For a general number of pages per cartridge, please refer to your printer manual or packaging.


For most standard canon ink cartridges the page yield is around 220 pages. The standard cartridge may hold up to ml of ink.

How to recycle Canon ink cartridges in the UK?

Here at PrinterInks, we are happy to recycle your old Canon ink cartridges. For every original/OEM HP cartridge you send us, you’ll get up to £1 back on your PrinterInk reward points. These points can be used against any future purchase you make with us! For more information please visit our recycling page.

Can you use compatible ink cartridges in Canon printers?

Yes, of course, you can! PrinterInks offers a range of canon compatible ink cartridges which work on all Canon printers. All our compatible ink cartridges have been rigorously tested on a range of Canon printers and is ISO 9001 qualified – that's the GOLD STANDARD for ink cartridge quality, attained after thorough independent testing.

What is Canon PGBK ink cartridge?

PGBK stands for either page black or pigmented black. And this is referring to the black ink used in Canon Printers. PGBK is smudge resistant and good for fine lines. Alternatively, BK ink is used for photograph printing. By default, your Canon printer will print using PGBK ink for general text documents. Although it might automatically switch to BK if it thinks you are printing a photo.


This is also the reason why your Canon printer will have two black ink cartridges.


Canon Toner Cartridges

To bring out the best in your Canon printer you need a top-end Canon toner to complement that fine ink. Canon printers are renowned the world over for their performance and longevity, but you would be amazed at how many think their printer isn't doing its job simply because they have a poor quality toner in their machine.


As well as carrying an extensive range of original inks to work in harmony with your Canon printer we can also supply the best toners on the market. We cover so many canon printers there are simply too many to name here but have a look for your model in the above list and you are more than likely to find it there.


As will all Printerinks products we guarantee that our replacement toner cartridges will deliver the outstanding results you expect from your premier machine. Order your replacement ink and toner cartridges together and take advantage of our super quick delivery times and outstanding customer service.

Canon Printer Toner Prices - Cheapest Around!


At Printerinks.com we have toner cartridges available for hundreds of different Canon printers, photocopiers and fax machines. Simply choose your model from the list and you’ll see our fantastic deals on toner cartridges. At Printerinks.com we work hard to make sure you receive the very best quality at the lowest prices.

Canon Toner Return Programme: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not completely happy within two weeks of purchasing your Canon toner, just send your order back to us and we’ll give you a full refund. We also offer free refunds on Canon Ink Cartridges, as well as other big-brand name cartridges.


When you buy from PrinterInks you know you’ll get the highest quality Canon printer cartridges at the best price possible!

Canon Toner Recycling Options

Unfortunately, we are not able to recycle any Canon toner cartridges. But we can recycle your Canon ink cartridges. Please visit our recycling page for information.


There are a number of alternative ways to recycle Canon toner cartridges:

  1. Return Canon toner cartridges to Canon for recycling.
  2. Refill your toner cartridges at a local refill shop
  3. Many high streets and supermarkets may offer Canon Toner cartridge recycling boxes or schemes.


Printerinks is 100% committed to recycling, so think before your trash your printer products.

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