Neopost Ink Cartridges

Franking machines have come a long way since the earliest models which were operated by hand and Neopost are one of the leading names in the modern day. They produce high quality models which are used by companies of all sizes to take care of their mailing needs. Feed the envelope in one end and it comes out franked and ready to post; simple as that. 

Of course for a franking machine to leave a legible mark on the envelope that is accepted by the postal service it must be crystal clear and that's where our ink cartridges come in. We offer a wide range of blue ink cartridges which are compatible with all the models in the Neopost Inkjet series.  

The high quality of our ink guarantees satisfaction so you have no worries about your mail being rejected due to your mark being smudged or illegible.  Printerinks pride themselves on the quality of their inkjet cartridges and quality is never compromised for price. 
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