HP Ink Cartridges

At Printerinks, we stock one of the widest ranges of HP ink cartridges available. Whether you need a replacement cartridge for your home office printer or you need to bulk buy ink cartridges for your professional-grade HP printer, we have what you need in stock and ready to ship out to you with free next-day delivery. We have original cartridges at low prices, and our rigorously tested remanufactured cartridges offer quality and value. With Printerinks, you get the highest quality ink cartridges at a budget-friendly price, all with reliable next-day delivery, so you can rest assured that you'll have the ink you need, when you need it.
HP printer ink cartridges come in both black and colour for projects at home, in school or at the workplace. You can choose different formats including standard capacity or high yield - whatever your preferences are! If you want great quality without breaking the bank, look at our compatible HP printer cartridges and toner. They can be used in your printer without sacrificing quality. Plus, they’re cheaper than original ink cartridges from HP.
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How do I choose between standard and high capacity HP printer ink?
Standard HP printer cartridges are the most common sizes. They can print documents and photos in both colour and black & white. For those who print very large quantities, high yield HP cartridges are a great choice. They contain more ink than a standard size so you can print more pages without having to replace the cartridge as often. High capacity HP ink cartridges work out at a low price per page so you actually save money in the long run.
Are compatible HP ink cartridges better value?
Yes! Compatible versions of HP printer ink are usually cheaper than manufacturer ink. They are also tested to meet high standards and are recycled, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice for your printer. Compatible cartridges of HP ink are guaranteed to work with HP printers - all you have to do is find out your printer model and we’ll display a range of cartridges to fit. Original cartridges are more expensive because they are designed specifically for your printer by the manufacturer.
Do you sell multipacks of HP printer ink?
Yes! At PrinterInks, we sell single cartridges and multipacks of HP ink. No one likes to see the ‘ink running low’ warning on your printer, so we offer multipacks so that you always have a cartridge handy. They’re super value and include 2-3 cartridges depending on your choice.
How can I get free delivery on HP inks?
PrinterInks are dedicated to giving you the best deals and service on all your ink needs. We provide free and fast delivery on all orders in the UK. Place your order before 4pm and we’ll dispatch it on the same business day. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee too as we know you won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions on choosing the right cartridge for your printer or for more info on delivery, reach out to our wonderful team. We’ll be happy to help.