Letting us know that you own this printer will enable us to make your shopping experience quick and pain free in the future; only displaying the products that are appropriate to you
Letting us know that you own this printer will enable us to make your shopping experience quick and pain free in the future; only displaying the products that are appropriate to you

HP DesignJet 5000 Ink Cartridges

We carry OEM ink cartridges for the HP DesignJet 5000. High quality original cartridges print beautifully on your HP DesignJet 5000 Ink printer. Buy your OEM HP Ink cartridges for your DesignJet 5000 printer at Printerinks.com.
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HP DesignJet 5000 Ink Cartridges
The HP Designjet 5000 printer prides itself for its balance of increased productivity and low operation cost. It has an unprecedented mix of swift printing speeds and impeccable photo quality.

This is possible thanks to its great ink and media flexibility as well as support for raster image processing. This printer model utilizes a Modular Ink Delivery System or MIDS with pressure from the ink cartridges to the print heads. These cartridges are off-axis and have large capacity.

Under this system, this printer uses two ink sets: based on dyes or on pigment-based ultraviolet (UV) rays. On the average, this printer can print from 20 to 30 sheets a day. But its maximum capacity is more than a 100 prints per day.

To gain more productivity savings, refill your HP Designjet 5000 with our value packs here in printerinks.com. We offer the Full Set Original Ink Super Saver 6-pack value deal at 10% off the original price. Each of these ink cartridges can print up to a thousand pages.

Earn reward points for this deal and take advantage of our free delivery promotion for clients based in the United Kingdom. For those who prefer the ink set that is based on pigments instead of dyes and resistant to ultraviolet rays, printerinks.com has a 6-pack value deal as well with the same discounted rate of 10%.