Xerox Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges

A selection of Xerox ink cartridges and Xerox toner cartridges can be obtained from Printerinks. These include the popular XEROX M series, Xerox Colorqube series, Docuprint inkjet series, Xerox DW series. Printerinks provide customers with compatible Xerox inkjet cartridges to suit most makes of Xerox printers. Our staff will provide assistance if you are unsure as to which type or brand of ink jet cartridge is the best for your printer.

Having chosen, rest assured that your order will be with you the next working day. Printerinks always offer quality service. Versatile and reliable, Xerox inkjet cartridges will ensure your prints look good and professional. Xerox have been a leader in document technology for over fifty years, and continues to build on its reputation, creating ever more innovative products. High quality and effective, Xerox inkjet cartridges offer value for money.
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Xerox Ink Cartridges & Toners

Xerox printers and ink cartridges are one of the most popular brands today. From Xerox inkjet printers or Xerox laser printers, to our compatible ink cartridges. By buying our Xerox cartridges, you get the same quality as those of OEM cartridges as all of our Xerox inkjet cartridges are backed with a 100% customers’ satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for ways to save money on ink cartridges, we offer remanufactured Xerox ink cartridges at very affordable prices. Our Xerox ink cartridges work smoothly on all Xerox printer models containing the standard ink colors of black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Our range of Xerox inkjet cartridges include some of the most popular ink cartridges such as Xerox 8R7972 ink cartridges, Xerox 8R7973 ink cartridges, Xerox 8R7974 ink cartridges and Xerox 8R7994 ink cartridges.

Genuine Ink for Xerox Printer

Print out high-quality documents and images with genuine Xerox ink cartridges. Our range of Xerox printer cartridges are guaranteed to give you superior quality in the most efficient way. Whatever Xerox printer you have, we have the best Xerox ink price for you!


We also offer a range of quality Xerox compatible toner cartridges and inks for those who want to save money and re-use the same cartridge on any range of printers. And if money saving is what you’re looking for then, why not buy our genuine Xerox printer inks and toners in Bulk? Buying in bulk means you can save even more money on your purchase!

Xerox Printer Cartridge Recycling in the UK

Here at printerinks we are 100% committed to saving the planet and recycling. If you’re looking to recycle your old Xerox printer cartridges in the UK, then return them to us! The best thing about recycling your Xerox ink cartridges with us is that for every cartridge you recycle you get £1 back in reward points! For more information, please see our printer cartridge recycling page.


Unfortunately, we are not able to recycle any Xerox toner cartridges. However, there are a number of alternative ways to recycle your Xerox toner cartridges:

  1. Return Xerox Toners to Xerox for recycling.
  2. Refill your Xerox toner cartridges at a local refill shop
  3. Many high streets and supermarkets may offer Xerox cartridge recycling boxes or schemes.


Printerinks are 100% committed to recycling, so think before you trash your printer products.

What Does a Xerox Drum Cartridge Do?

All Xerox laser printers contain both a drum unit (or drum cartridge) and toner cartridges. However some models of Xerox may contain these two components separately, while others have them as a single unit.  If your Xerox printer has a separate drum unit and toner cartridge - This means that if either gets damaged you can replace them individually. However in Xerox printers that have the drum and toner cartridges together, you would have to replace the entire unit.


The drum cartridge holds the toner cartridges in place. It is the component that transfers the toner ink or particles onto your paper. Using electricity, the drum cartridge or unit will draw on your image that will be printed out. Here at Printerinks we sell both Xerox drum cartridges and toner cartridges at the best price around! Just take a look at our list of Xerox toners and printer cartridges above.

Xerox Free Cartridge Return

Not satisfied with your Xerox printer cartridges? Don’t Worry! Printerinks offers free returns on all Xerox toners and ink cartridges for up to 2 weeks. And you’ll even get 100% of your money back!


Alternatively, if your Xerox printer inks toners are not working, you can get in touch with our Xerox Specialists to fix the problem. Just give us a call on 0800 043 1001.


Now you can buy your Xerox cartridges with confidence with our free returns policy!

How to Refill Xerox Toner Cartridge?

Wondering how to refill your Xerox laser toner cartridges? Refillable Xerox toner cartridges allow you to reuse the same cartridge over again without spending more money on new toner cartridges. However you’ll need to purchase a reliable toner refill kit for Xerox cartridges which can be tricky to find and rather expensive.


The process to refilling a Xerox toner cartridge can also be very difficult:

  1. You will either have to locate a hole or make your own hole in the cartridge using a special drilling tool.
  2. Using the right Xerox toner powder, you must pour in the right amount into the toner cartridge.
  3. Using special tape you need to secure the hole, so no toner powder leaks.


Some Xerox toner cartridges may have a special cap, which allows you to open it up and refill the cartridge up more easily. If you need some assistance, please give our Xerox specialists a call on 0800 043 1001.

Inks & Toners for Xerox Phaser Printer & More!

Printerinks offer the biggest range of Xerox printer cartridges for a range of Xerox printers including the Xerox Phaser Laser Printer and the Phaser all in one! We even offer the best quality Xerox phaser toner cartridges and Xerox laser printer ink at the best price possible!


Offering value for money is really important to us. Our Xerox ink price ranges from as little as 5p per page. And our Xerox laser toner cartridges are the best priced in the UK. Grab yourself a bargain and shop at today.